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The Genetics Division at Microlab provides a comprehensive test menu to assist physicians in the diagnosis of patients with genetic disorders and offers testing in the disciplines of molecular genetics, cytogenetics, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), maternal serum screening, genomic microarray, and biochemical genetics. Committed to providing high-quality genetic testing, Microlab continuously expands its test menu as new procedures and markers of clinical utility are identified.

We Focus on

We employ state of the art genomics technologies ranging
from Microarray, Sanger Sequencing to Next Generation Sequencing to decode the underlying variants in the genome.

NGS HotSpot

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels allow investigation of multiple genes simultaneously in situations where there is phenotypic overlap across disorders


A DNA microarray is a collection of microscopic DNA spots attached to a solid surface which is used to measure the expression levels of large numbers of genes simultaneously.


RT-PCR is a PCR test that is designed to detect and measure RNA. Although initial PCR tests amplified DNA, many viruses and other biological components (for example, mitochondria) utilize RNA as their genetic material.

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