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We were well aware about the re-productively of the information technology and its use fullness have always believed in investing in information technology, it well help productivity and improve customer experience, For more than 10 years we have been early adopters of forward looking IT initiatives.

We have experimented with progressive IT initiatives in all stages of our operations from pre-analytical to post we have been keen to lead the industry on these initiatives. We are the first diagnostic laboratory in Tamilnadu to introduce the Bar-code system from patient registration to sample processing and online results reporting through our own developed sophisticated laboratory software (LIS).

In our continuing spirit to integrate IT in areas that will benefit our customers, we are offering the following online service for our customers. Some are already operational and some are work in progress. Please let us know your views on some of the initiatives in progress.


Online appointment scheduling (In progress)

Online test ordering and payment (In progress)

Online results reporting (Already operational)    



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