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The Microbiological laboratories have been established with a view to provide wide range of Laboratory investigations, necessary for patient care. It consists of the following disciplines,

Clinical Pathology
Microbiology & Serology
Infectious diseases
and Immuno-Histochemistry

All the above disciplines provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological fluids such as blood, serum or plasma, tissue, urine, stool, CSF etc. for specific constituents to support Clinicians in the practice of medicine. The greatest emphasis has been given to ensure accuracy, precision reproducibility and speedy reporting. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipments. To operate these sophisticated instruments the laboratories have a team of efficient, motivated, knowledgeable and qualified technical staff members who are constantly involved in producing World class results and upholding quality assurance. All the blood samples of Laboratory investigations are collected using vacutainer system of collection which avoids contamination, thus any gross error. The Microbiological laboratory provides round the clock services to the society i.e. 24 hrs a day, 365 days in a year.

  Laboratory Information System
Almost universally, physician practices rely on paper documentation to store and share patient information. This results in a high price in terms of time, efficiency and accuracy.   But that era is rapidly drawing to a close.
We have now developed an exclusive proprietary Sophisticated Laboratory information system (LIS), to provide essential results on time which can be easily retrieved from any Internet connection.

The secure system has :
  1. Expansive electronic patientrecords
  2. Integrated, with multiple data sources
  3. Online test ordering and results
  4. Electronic prescribing
  5. Information sharing with patients and clinicians
  6. Links to a multitude of information sources
Reference Companion
Because of the high quality, accuracy and reliability several medium and small size laboratories accept Microlab as their reference laboratory for the special and esoteric testing. The relationship between the customer laboratories is being well maintained and strongly built for the past three decades.
Leader in Automation
Right from the beginning Microbiological laboratory utilizes the benefits in the laboratory automation. By this, the institution has gained recognition as one of the best laboratories in South India using all the reliable and gold standard methodologies.
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