Microbiology Lab

The prime aim of the Microbiology department is to play a key role in diagnosis of infectious diseases. The main objective is to develop and reinforce existing disciplinary research strengths in
  • Diagnostic Bacteriology
  • Epidemiological survey
  • Immunology and Molecular Biology

The department of Microbiology at microbiological laboratory, aims at providing accurate and reproducible results on clinical specimens within the shortest possible time.

In serological diagnosis, detection of specific antibodies produced against different infecting organisms, (bacteria, fungi, parasites and virus) and autoimmune diseases are carried out both by conventional & modern approaches appropriately.
Further, Quality control (Q.C.) and quality assurance (Q.A) are strictly implemented and usually authenticated by reproducible results from other laboratories like CMC, Vellore.

Technology Initiatives
The Mycology section has been started with all facilities to process fungal cultures efficiently.

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