Our Commitment

Microbiological laboratory’s main war weapon is the quality and reliability for the past three decades. The laboratory having highly skilled team with well qualified, twenty-five years experienced of mixing personalities in the field of Laboratory Medicine. In every disciplines of the laboratory, Special emphasis is being given on daily quality checks i.e. Internal Quality control as well as External Quality control standards. And participating in three different International Quality controls Programmes run by Biorad Laboratories USA, College of American Pathogen (CAP Survey) and Randox Laboratories, UK respectively. The Quality control standards are maintained as per WHO recommendations. Apart from this the laboratory engaged in the internal quality control system with all its satellite laboratories. We have obtained the prestigious NABL Certification (National Accreditation Board for testing and Clinical Laboratories) which is a distinction obtained by very few labs in the country.

All the satellite laboratories of the microbiological laboratory are in a single network system and also round the clock (24 hours) functioning. All the satellite laboratories are connected in online with the central laboratory. The central laboratory can monitor and guide the satellite laboratory at any point of time. The periodical updating of knowledge will be maintained by the chief of the departments when their periodical visits to the satellite labs and the periodical meetings in the central laboratory.

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